How do you connect a community that spans over 104 cities and 50 countries worldwide? What about hosting a live event in five different countries and time zones simultaneously, with a keynote speaker going live to every location? This is what we call Impact Hub Mash-Ups, a unique event that attracts hundreds of guests and the best talents, leaders and organisations in regions all over the world.
One of the Mash-Ups in SE
Last month, Impact Hubs in the South East Asia region collaborated to bring a Mash-Up to Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Manila, Phnom Penh and Taipei. A chance to strengthen ties between Impact Hubs and meet new innovators, Mash-Ups also spread awareness around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with each event focusing on a particular theme.
The Mash-Up focused on the 3 SDGs related to the environment: Life Under Water, Climate Action, and Affordable and Clean Energy. This acted as a great opportunity to celebrate our global partnership with WWF, and we had the pleasure of welcoming Robecca Jumin, Head of Marine Programme for WWF Malaysia as our keynote speaker for the evening.

Mash-Up at Impact Hub ManilaEach participating Impact Hub (except Shanghai, who joined us remotely) leveraged on their local network to bring speakers such as Young Eco Ambassadors and the Marine team at Flora and Fauna International from Cambodia; ecotourism and sustainable energy businesses Masungi Georeserve and High Energy Co from the Philippines; and coral reef experts Reef Check Malaysia and celebrity and environmental activist Davina Goh from Malaysia.

The mix of local speakers and a live streamed keynote allows Impact Hubs to take advantage of rich, diverse content, from near and afar. Join the next Mash-Up on the 28th November in Europe and Africa, focusing this time on #GivingTuesday and SDG 17, Partnerships for delivering the SDGs. Stay tuned!

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Olivia Hough

Olivia Hough

Olivia Hough is the managing director of Impact Hub Phnom Penh, and has been with Impact Hub for two years. With a background in communications and environmental science, Olivia has a passion for environmental and human justice and social entrepreneurship. In her spare time she runs art workshops that focus on positive psychology (wellbeing and happiness) and mentors in leadership development for WeDu.

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