The Journey to Unlocking the Emerging Future of Green Energy

18 April 2018 | Runyararo Chibota
Impact Hub Harare, in partnership with the Presencing Institute, facilitated a 6 month project with an intensive 8 week ‘Communities for Change (C4C)’ workshop designed by MIT’s Presensing Institute (PI) using Theory U. This program aimed to educate and mobilize stakeholders and the general…

Erasing Disparities In Health Education And Disease Prevention in Ghana

11 April 2018 | Jocelyn Nyaguse
Improving healthcare in Africa requires innovative thinkers, tremendous passion, and skill. This makes health innovation a difficult but particularly important process — one with plenty of potential to have a substantial impact in developing countries. The Zurak Cancer Foundation, an…

Being Loud & Proud: Fighting for Gender and Sexual Equality in Florianopolis

30 March 2018 | Rahel Aschwanden
I was not going to start this with negative news. But as a queer feminist living in Brazil, these are sad days: people across the country are still shocked by the brutal murder of Marielle Franco. Marielle was a black queer activist and politician born in one of the poorest communities in Rio…

5 Female Founders Whose Work Will Inspire You

21 March 2018 | Emma McGowan
As the UN works toward meeting Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5), which focuses on gender equality, the Impact Hub community is also working diligently towards the same goal. In fact, the Impact Hub global team is 62% female — including the Executive Director — and 46% of the network is…

Bringing Cross-Border Collaboration on Women’s Empowerment to Impact Hub Taipei

16 March 2018 | Emma McGowan
This year for International Women’s Day, Impact Hub Taipei hosted an event featuring the Cambodian-based Japanese organization SUSU. SUSU is a social enterprise focused on empowering women through traditional crafts. The women of SUSU create beautiful, handmade goods that help raise them above…

Land, Listening, and Learning: Building Collective Leadership in Baltimore

12 March 2018 | Ria Shah
In Baltimore, Communities for Change (C4C) explores: How might we connect leaders of community-led, community-owned neighborhood development to the resources and skills they need to realize their visions of strong and stable neighborhoods?

F-LANE Accelerator is Boosting Tech Companies That Focus on Female Empowerment

8 March 2018 | Emma McGowan
How do you boost gender equality across the world? That’s the big question being asked by the UN in their Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5), which is focused on gender equality. But while there’s no one answer to such a complex question, there are a multitude of ways different groups are…

Communities for Change - How Impact Hub Budapest Is Shaping the Future of Work

1 March 2018 | Melinda Varfi
As a social enterprise and innovation lab, we know modern cities to be the center of debate to build a more vibrant society. The metropolis offers amazing possibilities; yet pollution, lack of decent jobs, inappropriate resource use and a growing housing demand are also part of the urban…

How Storytelling Is Fighting for Social Justice

27 February 2018 | Ignacio Rodriguez
Photo credit:Raquel Cartaya

Communities for Change - Seeking Solutions for an Increasingly Urban World

5 February 2018 | Sophia Cheng
Photo by Mauro Mora
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