Impact cannot happen in isolation. It requires collective action. Impact Hubs make up a global network of people, places, and programs that inspire, connect and catalyze impact.


Impact Hubs are where change goes to work. Part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community center, we offer our members a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow impact. We believe a better world evolves through the combined accomplishments of creative, committed and compassionate individuals focused on a common purpose.  Joining our diverse community of members and collaborators will inspire, connect, and enable you to develop your best work every step of the way.


From Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Singapore to San Francisco, we are a rapidly expanding, diverse global network of over 11,000+ members in 80+ locations.

  Another world is happening and you’re invited to take part in it.  What began as a single Hub in London in 2005 has evolved into a global network of people taking action towards a single purpose: impact. Step into any one of our Impact Hubs around the world and experience a unique combination of people, spaces and programs that inspire and empower people to realize enterprising ideas for sustainable impact.  Although each local Impact Hub has their own unique community, Impact Makers from around the world come together on a global scale to share stories, aspirations, and accomplishments that celebrate our collective impact.


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We are committed to continually understanding, measuring and adjusting our efforts to ensure impact.

Our Impact Report is here!

Impact is at the core of everything we do. Across our global network, we take our commitment to defining, understanding and measuring the impact of our work seriously. Each year we are therefore conducting an annual Global Member Survey and publish the results openly.

What is Included in the Impact Report?

Derived from a global sample of more than 1,900 members in 42 Impact Hubs, our most recent survey paints a colorful picture of the impact being created across our network. It captured a whole range of information from defining who our members are and what they are doing, to understanding how they are creating impact in society, as well as what role Impact Hub has played in supporting their journey from intention to impact. Click here to read our Impact Report and find a snapshot of our network, members, and key results achieved throughout the past year.

What is the Impact Report Used For?

Our commitment to impact does not stop with measurement and evaluation. The results of our annual survey inform our strategic plans, help us identify and advance best practices, and support the further development of a coherent theory of change.

Our data is trustworthy

All data and information has been independently analysed and compiled by Vienna University of Economics in order to ensure that we are tracking relevant data and to avoid bias towards our own performance.


Common problems require collaborative solutions. Creating the change we want in the world is a collaborative effort. 


Around the world Impact Hubs partner with a variety of like-minded organizations to mutually support each other to build sustainable solutions for the world. Thanks to our physical presence and locally-embedded collaborative communities, our partners access a unique source of social innovation, a global enabling platform to run issue-focused programs, and an inspiring environment to learn and increase their social impact. 

We challenge you to use the power of your business to drive meaningful social change. We welcome new alliances with businesses, individuals and organizations looking to increase their reach contribution to the social impact economy.  

If you would like to explore a potential partnership, get in touch with us here.  


Our skills and personalities are as diverse as our locations, yet we are united by our common commitment to support the growth and well-being of our global network.


Where was the first Impact Hub?

The first Impact Hub opened in central London in early 2005, and remains open and active to this day!  Located on the top floor of an old warehouse, Impact Hub London embodied the spirit of grassroots entrepreneurship. Everything was built from scratch, and the space was designed to provide a collaborative environment in which people could work, meet, and learn within a modular structure. It featured leaf-shaped tables that allowed for flexible co-working, a semi-open meeting room where users could hold workshops, a secluded library for quiet thinking, and a community kitchen where people could hold small meetings over lunch or coffee. There were no assigned work stations, so users would sit next to a different fellow user every time they visited the Hub. The main idea was to create a place where unlikely allies would meet by serendipity.


Is there an Impact Hub in my city?

Probably! To find out if there is an Impact Hub in your city, simply click here.

What is an Impact Hub?

An Impact Hub consists of three distinct elements. First, it is a vibrant community of passionate and entrepreneurial people who share an underlying intention to bring about positive change and act as peers to cross-fertilize and develop their ventures.  Second, It is a source of inspiration that provides meaningful content through thought-provoking events, innovation labs, learning spaces, incubation, programs and facilitated conversations that support positive impact.  Third, an Impact Hub is a physical space that offers a flexible and highly functional infrastructure to work, meet, learn and connect. The magic happens where these three elements connect and are brought to life through the art of hosting.

Where did the idea for an Impact Hub come from?

We set out to create spaces that borrow from the best – a prototyping lab, a start-up incubator, an inspiring office, a learning space and a think tank – to create a unique ecosystem for social innovation. Spaces with all the tools and trimmings needed to grow and develop new ventures for sustainable impact by providing access to the right experience, knowledge, networks, finance and markets. But above all, spaces for meaningful encounters, exchange and inspiration, full of diverse people doing amazing things.


The idea has been spreading like wildfire and resulted in the emergence of a global movement to create Impact Hubs in more than 45 cities around the world.  From London to Melbourne, Johannesburg to Sao Paulo, San Francisco to Singapore, the community is rapidly growing in a way that is globally connected and locally embedded.

Is Impact Hub a franchise?

No. The Impact Hub IP and Brand is owned by the “Impact Hub Association”, a collective of all Impact Hubs.  The Association is the sole owner of “HUB GmbH (Impact Hub Company)”, a charitable company with the mandate to manage global operations and facilitate the development of the network as a whole, similar to hosting a local Impact Hub community. Impact Hub Company is currently run by a dispersed global team, several of which are local Impact Hub founders.

How can my company partner with Impact Hub?

Partnerships with Impact Hubs have unique local and global reach.  Click here to contact us to explore global partnership and collaboration opportunities.

How can I find out about upcoming job opportunities with Impact Hub?

We will announce job opportunities as they become available through our newsletter and social media channels.  If you are passionate about working for an impact focused global organization, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter, like/follow us on social media so you can be the first to know.

Why did you change your name from HUB to Impact Hub?

What began as HUB in a single location in London 2005 has evolved into a global network of people taking action towards a single purpose: impact. As we move forward with the evolution of our global network, we felt it was important for us to showcase our purpose and bring ‘Impact’ to our name. Our focus is to shine the spotlight on what has been there all along–our commitment to Impact.

How can I create an Impact Hub in my city?

Creating an Impact Hub and joining our diverse community will inspire, connect, and enable your community to develop their best work every step of the way. If you are passionate about bringing the Impact Hub to your city and feel confident that you can build and engage a thriving community of “impact makers”, we are excited to help you make it happen.

To access all the information you need to better understand the process, head over and register on our Impact Makers site. This is your starting point in learning more about how to found an Impact Hub in your city.

What are hosts?

At Impact Hub, we don’t have traditional receptionists who greet you when you arrive. We believe that in order to really make someone feel at home, we need to host people in the same way that we would in our own homes. That’s why we have hosts at every location who help connect you to other people and catalyze meaningful interactions. As part of its hosting effort, we organize various community-oriented events, including weekly lunches, business clinics, and skill-sharing sessions.