Happy new year!

What are your business goals for this year? Are you thinking about kicking your marketing efforts into a higher gear? Does the term “social media marketing” make you feel excited and anxious at the same time? Do you feel that every time you vow to master the beast of social media, you drown in a sea of information that leaves you little time to run your actual business?

Why not join small business social media consultant Dana Chen on January 19th, 12:30pm at the Hub in Amsterdam studio for a lunchtime session?

The theme of the session is “Your most frequently asked questions on social media, answered!”


During the sessions, Dana will answer some of the most frequently asked questions that she hear from her small business clients, such as:
  • Which network for what purpose? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, all of the above, none of the above?
  • How do I get more followers or fans on Facebook and Twitter?
  • And once I have fans and followers, what do I talk to them about other than trying to sell my products or services?
  • How long do I have to be active on social media before I see results in my business?
  • This all sounds so time consuming. Are there shortcuts? [Short answer: Yes!]
  • The top 5 things you can do today on Twitter and Facebook to move your business forward
  • And more, if there’s time!
You are more than welcomed to send all questions ahead of time to dana@dotdana.com, or Twitter at @investoralist, and Dana will make sure to address those questions during the workshop.
Alternatively, bring your questions to the session, and we can discuss them during the workshop!
The session is scheduled for an hour and a half, and the focus is on questions and open discussions on your businesses. If you have questions very specific to your business or industry, Dana will be happy to chat about them after the session as well.


Again, here’s the info!


What: Your most frequently asked social media questions, answered!

When: January 19th, 12:30pm-2pm

Where: The Hub (Studio), Westerstraat 187, Amsterdam

Who: Dana Chen

Cost: Nada, zero, zip!

Bring: Yourself, your lunch, your questions