Thinking Beyond (un)employment

13 November 2017 | Anne Merkle
Beyond ... ... un(employment) … convening ... bottom-up change ... learning ... collaboration … solutions. It began by asking how we, the Impact Hub Global team could design a program that aims to tackle unemployment, not with the typical top-down approach but instead by encouraging solutions…

Experience the U.Lab Leadership Journey With Impact Hub

18 October 2017 | Joe Dodgshun
It is not too late to join the U.Lab Leading From the Emerging Future course for changemakers — either online or in person at ten Impact Hubs around the world.  The Presencing Institute and the Impact Hub Global Network have teamed up to offer an introduction to the Theory U leadership…

U.Lab: Case Clinics and the Empty Chair

28 April 2016 | Andy Paice
The Emergence of a Project If you’ve ever experienced a moment of group synergy when an entire group of diverse minds meet in a co-creative flow to give birth to a new idea or project, you’ll know how just how uplifting, life-affirming and joyful that kind of moment can be. In our…