Unemployment affects 201 million people in the world. One in nine people are undernourished, while one third of all the food produced is thrown away. Eight people own the same wealth as half of the world’s population.


The news today paints a grim picture of the future.  But what if we chose to tell a different narrative?

Impact Hub has partnered with Paris-based organization Sparknews on their fifth edition of Impact Journalism Day, a worldwide movement dedicated to highlighting innovative and inspiring solutions to global problems. On June 24, 50 of the most prestigious newspapers and media (USA Today (USA), Asahi Shimbun (Japan), Le Figaro (France), AJ+ (International), The Hindu (India), City Press (South Africa), Folha de Sao Paulo (Brazil), etc.) will publish 60 positive projects that are tackling the most pressing social and environmental issues of the 21st century.


From Sao Paulo to Zurich, Lagos to Singapore, eight Impact Hubs around the world are organizing special events on or near Impact Journalism Day to spread the word and spark discussion about this growing movement of hope and change. Physically or virtually, you’re invited!

Impact Journalism Day Events at Impact Hub

June 22

  • Impact Hub San Francisco
    AJ+ journalist, Sarah Murphy, introduces Impact Journalism Day and the importance of solutions journalism before Impact Hub Mash Up event, “Investing in Good: From Institutional Capital to Individual Choices.” Facebook Live stream starting at 3:00pm local time (12:00am CET).

June 23

  • Impact Hub Geneva
    Introduction to Impact Journalism day and round-table discussion with the Tribune de Geneve from 8:00-9:00am local time (CET). Event full.

June 24

  • Impact Hub Lagos
    Digital campaign featuring impact stories, tips on how to drive innovation in Journalism, and the effects of media on society. Twitter chat from 10:00-11:00am local time (11:00am-12:00pm CET). Posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook from 11:20am-1:00pm local time (12:20-2:00pm CET).

  • Impact Hub Madrid
    Digital campaign sharing local social impact projects to inspire journalists to write positive stories. Posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from 8:00am-12:00pm local time (CET).

  • Impact Hub Manila
    Panel discussion on solutions journalism best practices, online networks, and rigorous reporting. Hosted in partnership with Inkline and KMC Solutions and featuring social entrepreneurs, journalists, and industry experts from 9:00am-12:00pm local time (3:00-6:00am CET).

  • Impact Hub Sao Paulo
    Panel discussion with journalists and impact entrepreneurs (João Vitor Caires from Impact Hub São Paulo, Tony Marlon from Em Movimento, Emilly A'nne from A Taba, Mariana Versolato from Folha de São Paulo) on how journalism can boost social impact enterprises. From 2:00-3:00pm local time (7:00pm-8:00pm CET).

  • Impact Hub Zurich
    Storytelling workshop and skill share breakfast, “Pimp your Story and Make it Stick” Breakfast," together with Tagesanzeiger journalist Lynn Scheurer and Storytelling Expert (and member of Impact Hub Zurich) Sonja Bichsel. From 10am-12pm local time (CET).

June 30

Do you believe building a better world starts by changing the way we talk about it? Join Muhammad Yunus, Reza, Mary Robinson, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Jacques Attali, Laurence Tubiana, Anne Hidalgo, Elyx (UN ambassador for the global goals), and many more by signing the Impact Journalism Day manifesto. 

Solutions exist everywhere. Be sure to check out Sparknews’ list of Impact Journalism Day media partners on June 24 to learn how ordinary people are changing the world by creating extraordinary positive change. Then, help these stories cross borders and have a greater impact by sharing the good news using #StoryOfChange and #ImpactJournalism Day.

About Sparknews:

Created in 2012 by Christian de Boisredon, Sparknews is a social enterprise with the mission of developing initiatives which have a positive impact on society and the environment. Through its actions, Sparknews hopes to bring back confidence and restore the urge for action towards a better future.

For more information, visit: http://www.sparknews.com/en

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Whitney Schaefer

Whitney Schaefer


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