Andy Fyfe is the Community Development Coordinator for B Lab, based out of the Impact Hub Bay Area, in downtown San Francisco.  His role is to grow the community of Certified B Corporations that are not only doing well, but doing good at the same time.

 On Making an Impact

For him, impact is about, “changing the current state, which can be positive or negative if we don’t ask why and measure the results.”

“Buzz words like impact or change-maker are thrown around too often without enough definition and discussion. Impact can be positive, but it can also be negative if we don’t ask why and measure the results.”

“B Corps offers a free measurement tool for entrepreneurs to honestly see if their business is walking the talk. You can't manage what you don't measure and, unfortunately, not enough social entrepreneurs are measuring. We also protect entrepreneurs from compromising their mission while helping them to structure and scale successfully.”

Motivation and Accomplishments

Thanks to B Lab, more businesses are making a positive impact and that’s what motivates Andy.

“Most of us are spending 2/3 of our days at work. That's a lot of human capital and potential energy. I want be able to hop on my bike, head to the office, without leaving my values at home.”

“At B Corp, I feel like I made an impact when I hear from industry veterans that we’re changing capitalism and re-defining success in business to focus on all stakeholders, not just the shareholders,” remarked Andy in an interview with Impact Hub.

As far as recent accomplishments, Andy said that “with the passage of Benefit Corp legislation in Delaware, we have helped more than 20 states change corporate law in the U.S. to better support mission-aligned companies: benefit corporations.”

While corporate change is coming, his work has its ups and downs. “Building a foundation for better business is hard and, at the end of the day, I’m a resource to help companies make a positive impact and be better. Failure happens everyday, but it is an opportunity to learn, grow and try again differently.”

The Impact Hub: A Catalyst for Impact

An Impact Hub Bay Area veteran, Fyfe’s door is always open and says the co-working space encourages  sharing and supporting each other. “I started as a host at Impact Hub Bay Area, three years ago, when the doors first opened. Now with Community Development Manager for B Lab, the collaborative and community-based atmosphere connects me to entrepreneurs, non-profits and start ups to make business better for people and planet.”

“The Impact Hub community is so supportive. Everyone is a potential resource and the network that I have developed helps me every day to reach more entrepreneurs and business to have a positive impact.”

So when does he feel the least impactful? Drinking his third cup of coffee while cleaning out his inbox.

His advice to social entrepreneurs and so-called change makers, “Do what you love and don't be afraid to grow and scale your impact, seek out others in support, and partner with peers.”

Andy's Words of Wisdom

  • Get people to like you. You’ll get farther with the help of friends.
  • Be a connector. When you expand other people’s networks, you expand your own.
  • Go beyond.  Always do your best because that is what will make the real impact, in your work - and your life.

To learn more about B Lab’s work, go to:

Written by Kim Hunter

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