Community Breakfast: Access to Testbed Facilities Available to Software Companies in Europe

Community Breakfast: Access to Testbed Facilities Available to Software Companies in Europe

On December 4 we are excited to invite you all to a very special Community Breakfast at Impact Hub Stockholm. RedZinc CEO Donal Morris will present EU testbed facilities and how start-ups and SME’s can benefit from free and remote access to testbed facilities across Europe.

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Event information:

You’ll learn about the European Union’s plans for the Future Internet, what FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) testbeds are currently available, which FIRE testbeds might be relevant to your product development and which of these testbeds are offering funding for carrying out this work!!

Experienced in using EU testbeds for his own company’s product development, RedZinc CEO Donal Morris, will share how his company leveraged the CityFlow testbed to explore the application of virtual path slice technology with other small to medium enterprises.

Donal Morris will explain:

– Opportunities for SMEs who need to carry out system or network tests!

– The range of different testbeds available to SMEs at no cost!

– How to choose a testbed that suits your testing requirements!

– The process of making an application to a relevant testbed facility!

– The Redzinc software test use case in Cityflow project!

Come and hear about the opportunities:

– Testing new applications at scale!

– FREE and remote access – no cost to access hundreds of servers to conduct scaling experiments remotely!

– Some funding available to support tests!

This is a free event open to everyone: it is a great opportunity to learn more about Internet Testbeds and how you can utilise them in your product development process. Please register on Eventbrite so we have an estimate for how many are attending.

Background Information:

SMEs and startups requiring access to infrastructure to test out and validate their new products in the cloud, mobile, wireless, and wired network space will be interested to hear about the various testbeds and their unique capabilities.

Come and hear about the opportunities:

– Testing new applications at scale

– Open Access (= Free access) – up to hundreds of servers to conduct scaling experiments

– Some funding available to support tests!

The EU has invested millions in state-of-the-art testbeds including testing capabilities such as cloud, mobile, wireless, 5G, cognitive radio, social media, internet of things, underwater networks and more. These testbed facilities are open to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who are building a product or application and need access to infrastructure to carry out proof of concept, testing, validation, pre-launch trials or large-scale testing.!

Many SMEs have used the testbeds for various different testing projects over the year including EPCC, iMinds, OneSource and RedZinc who used EU testbed CityFlow to explore the use of virtual path slice technology at large scale on an openflow network substrate.

The value proposition is:

– Future Internet Testbeds available to help startups test and validate new products/services

– Useful for testing and reducing risk for new technology.

– Especially useful for scale testing.

-Testbeds available for free and some times with EU funding (typically €25k to €75k for small experiments and >€1m for larger collaborative experiments)


About Donal Morris:

Donal Morris is CEO of RedZinc, a company is the software defined network space. Donal has played a leadership role in telecommunications research and development for 20 years. Donal is a designer of RedZinc’s VELOX virtual path slice engine and is currently leading pilots in the medical and public safety sectors. Donal is technical leader of the LiveCity consortium with OTE in Athens and Telefonica Dublin. Donal is also experimentation leader of the CityFlow consortium. Donal was a board member of the IPsphere Forum and business dimensions working group vice chair in the IPsphere Forum. In 2004-8 Donal was chairman of the EuQoS Consortium with Telefonica I&D in Madrid. Prior to that Donal led the development of a DSL service platform with Sherkin Communications. For several years Donal managed research projects at Teltec in Dublin City University. Prior to working in telecommunications Donal worked in the mechatronics and medical systems sectors. Donal graduated in Electronic Engineering from Dublin City University in 1986.

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Date & Time

04 December 2014 | 7:30 am to 9:00 am

Updated on 01 December 2014